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Work of the Week – Pierre Jalbert: Ephemeral Objects

On 28 February, Pierre Jalbert’s Ephemeral Objects for cello and piano will receive its world premiere at Middlebury College, Vermont. The new work, which was commissioned by Middlebury Performing Arts Series in celebration of its 100th Anniversary, will be performed by cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han.

Ephemeral Objects is composed in seven self-contained movements which may be performed on their own, grouped into smaller sets of any length.

Pierre Jalbert’s music immediately captures one’s attention with its strong gesture and vitality. Rich in instrumental color and harmonically engaging, its narrative is dramatically compelling yet always logical in its flow. – American Academy of Arts and Letters

Jalbert draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including English and French folksongs (the composer’s family moved to Vermont from Quebec), as well as catholic liturgical music. Elements of timeless and suspended music, an energetic scherzo, Gregorian chant, and French-Canadian folksongs all find their way into Ephemeral Objects.

The duo will perform Ephemeral Objects again on 1 March at Laidlaw Performing Arts Center, University of South Alabama.