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Work of the Week – Hannah Lash: Desire

On Wednesday and Thursday 16-17 October, Miller Theatre presents the world premiere performances of Hannah Lash’s chamber opera, Desire. The production is conducted by Daniela Candillari, directed by Rachel Dickstein, and features the JACK Quartet.

Desire is an opera about the artists’ journey navigating both inspiration and doubt. The piece takes the form of a metaphor, set in a magical garden where flowers miraculously can be unearthed by the main character, an artist, and just as quickly die and turn to ash if the conviction of the artist is shaken.
We watch while the artist finds herself, finds trust in herself, struggling with her relationships to both doubt and inspiration, finally building both out of her world as she becomes wholly self-reliant. Hannah Lash

On November 14 and 16, the Naples Philharmonic gives the world premiere of Hannah Lash’s Double Concerto for piano and harp, featuring Jeremy Denk and Hannah Lash as soloists.