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Work of the week – Pedro Halffter: Thank you Mr. Joyce

On 27 January, Pedro Halffter’s newly published orchestral work Thank You Mr. Joyce will be premiered in Dortmund.

Inspiration for the piece comes from the novel Ulysses by James Joyce and the subtitle of the work, Anamorphosis, represents the stream of consciousness narrative style Joyce used.

Pedro Halffter – Thank you Mr. Joyce: A musical anamorphosis

As a technique used in the visual arts, anamorphosis is where a distorted projection or drawing appears normal when viewed from a particular angle through a mirror or lens. Halffter has transferred this principle to his music, wherein the secret of the music only reveals itself during performance and through the altered perspective of the audience.

The premiere will be conducted by Halffter and can be heard on 27 January at the Konzerthaus Dortmund performed by OZM|Symphony.