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Work of the Week – Joseph Haas: Die Hochzeit des Jobs

On 15 March, Joseph Haas’ comic opera Die Hochzeit des Jobs returns to the stage for first time in 60 years. The new production will open at the theatre Eduard-won-Winterstein in Annaberg-Buchholz conducted by Naoshi Takahashi.

Originally premiered at the Staatsoper in Dresden in 1944, Die Hochzeit des Jobs’ libretto was created by Ludwig Andersen from an eighteenth-century satirical poem titled Jobsiade by Carl Arnold Kortum. The poem was originally published under the (far lengthier) title Life, opinions and deeds of the candidate Hieronymus Jobs and how he gained a lot of fame and finally died as a night guard in Salzburg.

Joseph Haas – Die Hochzeit des Jobs: The Jobsiade

The story of Haas’ opera is set in a university town during the early nineteenth century. At its core Die Hochzeit des Jobs is a morality tale about the rewards of doing good and as opposed to bad centring on the protagonist, Hieronymus Jobs, a careless student who threatens to ruin the master carpenter.

The basis for my work with the material is that it radiates cheerfulness, which nevertheless does not overlook or deny the suffering in the world, but can at least alleviate, if not try to overcome it thanks to an unwavering optimistic outlook on life. – Joseph Haas

The new production will provide audiences with a rare opportunity to hear this comic opera in performance. Die Hochzeit des Jobs will run at the Eduard-von-Winterstein theatre until 15 May.