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Work of the Week – Anno Schreier: Der Zauberer von Oz

On 8 December Anno Schreier’s Der Zauberer von Oz will receive its world premiere at the Theater Aachen. Christopher Ward will conduct the cast and orchestra in director Ute M. Engelhardt’s new production. Schreier’s family-orientated ‘magicopera’, liberally sets the famous story initially told in Lyman Frank Baum’s novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and popularised by the 1939 film adaptation.
Dorothy is caught in tornado that blows her from Kansas to the fantastical land of Oz. Meeting friends along the way, Der Zauberer von Oz follows Dorothy as she begins a journey to find the wizard who will help her to return home. Just as Dorothy is met by a series of unexpected events during her journey to the Emerald City, Schreier’s score is full of many different musical styles including baroque, country, and reggae.

Anno Schreier – Der Zauberer von Oz: A magician takes his audience on a wonderful journey

If I had to describe myself with one of the characters, I would describe myself first of all as the cowardly lion who cannot trust his own strength at the beginning of a new project. Later, I would select Dorothy who searches for allies and is able to confront witches and the Hammer-Heads. In my role of composer, I also attempt to be a wizard who takes his audience on a wonderful journey. – Anno Schreier

Der Zauberer von Oz runs at Theater Aachen until March 2020.