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Natural Sound

Song of robin and wren by the stream … drumming of a great spotted woodpecker … the hare once again comes down the slope … rustling dry leaves … scolding alarm of a passing blackbird … deep buzzing of hornets flying to their nest …
Walter Tilgner, author and producer of more than ten Natural Sound CDs with WERGO, has succeeded again in eliciting concertlike sound pictures from meadows, valleys, and forests. With these extraordinary natural sound pictures, he not only attempts to convey a feeling of joy, relaxation and inspiration, but also wants to encourage the listener to walk among the trees of a wood, eyes and ears alert, to penetrate the secrets of the sylvan world, and thus to achieve a true experience of nature. For about twenty years, Tilgner’s main activity has been the documentary recording of the sounds of the natural world, the creation of sound pictures.

NEW on NATURAL SOUND: Eurasian Skylark
The complex song can hardly be described in words. Hear for yourself! Walter Tilgner, honorary member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, succeeded in making these marvelous recordings in the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park/Austria in May 1986.
Digital only! Available from usual steaming and download platforms.

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