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Welcome to WERGO – New Music for more than 50 Years

Naomi Pinnock: Lines and Spaces
On this portrait the British composer Naomi Pinnock creates tender-fragile, finely differentiated sound formations from highly reduced sound material. The attempt to transform imperfection into sound is crucial for Pinnock’s work. The compositions on this CD reflect the range of works of Naomi Pinnock from solo pieces to larger vocal and instrumental compositions.
Lines and Spaces

Trio Accanto – Other Stories
The Trio Accanto’s unconventional instrumentation of saxophone, piano, and percussion fascinates composers and inspires them to look beyond their usual musical horizons. This is confirmed by the collection of pieces on this recording, which documents the ensemble’s challenging yet accessible repertoire.
Other Stories

Zeynep Gedizlioglu: Verbinden und Abwenden
The music of the composer Zeynep Gedizlioğlu is like a kaleidoscope of diverse moments – sometimes fragile, sometimes harsh-angular, then again expressive and culminating in virtuoso sound ecstasies. With these recordings she presents herself both with chamber music and large compositions for ensemble and orchestra.
Verbinden und Abwenden

Enjott Schneider: Krasnoyarsk Counterpoints
Siberia is known for its vast distances and the unfathomable dimensions of its unspoiled landscapes of rivers and lakes, forests and mountains, and tundra and taiga. The city of Krasnoyarsk is at the center of Eurasia between Moscow and Beijing and has a surprisingly vibrant musical life. In 2019, the city commissioned two works by Enjott Schneider, one of Germany’s most multifaceted composers.
Krasnoyarsk Counterpoints

Hans Werner Henze: Works for Double Bass
Hans Werner Henze was during his lifetime probably the most-performed composer of western modern music, and his advanced yet sensuously traditional music remains an important presence on stages around the world today. Henze was deeply attached to Italy, where he spent a large part of his life. The roots of this album go back to a personal meeting between Henze and the Italian double bass virtuoso Daniele Roccato.
Hans Werner Henze: Works for Double Bass

Alberto Posadas: Poética del Laberinto
Written in 2016/17 for saxophone quartet, “Poética del Laberinto”  by the Spanish composer Alberto Posadas is a cycle about three particularly iconic labyrinths from ancient times to the present day. In contrast to his usual way of composing, these three pieces are also framed by freely determined paths of reminiscence and a successive evolution of the instrumental sound – from uniformity of four soprano saxophones through the diversity of four distinct registers to the dominance of the bass register at the end.
Alberto Posadas: Poética del Laberinto

Michel Roth: Im Bau
Live report or music-theatre production? In the piece “Im Bau” Michel Roth plays with studio sounds and live recordings and cannot be tied down to a certain genre.
Swiss composer Michel Roth adapted the text for the stage and composed the ca. one-hour monodrama “Im Bau” (In the Burrow: Fifteen Sound Spaces after Franz Kafka) as a commission from the ensemble æquatuor, the Lucerne Festival, and the Theater Basel.
Michel Roth: Im Bau

Big Data
Big Data – the title reveals the defining themes of this recording! The Decoder Ensemble considers the possibilities and consequences of the limitless availability of media in the digital age. All of the pieces here focus in different ways on common contemporary practices like remixing, copying & pasting, sampling, and recycling.
Big Data