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Wolfgang Rihm: Grat | Edge
Wolfgang Rihm is one of the world’s most performed and prolific composers. On the occasion of Rihm’s 70th birthday on 13 March 2022, Friedrich Gauwerky has recorded a very personal homage to his friend in the studios of Deutschlandfunk Cologne, including the early, yet unedited “Streichtrio Nr. 2”, which reveals allusions to Alban Berg’s lyrical dodecaphony, as well as the two first recordings of “duomonolog” and “Streichtrio op. 9”.
Works for and with violoncello

Yiran Zhao
The works by Yiran Zhao focus on various modes of expression incorporating both musical and performative elements, lighting, visual arts, and other media. With great interest in the physicality of performance she has been working extensively with the human body and objects as compositional material.
Contemporary Music Edition

Matthias Krüger: Ain’t nuthin’ but fairy dust
Matthias Krüger searches for truth and identity. In his works, musical and non-musical elements and quotations fuse into a steady stream. This results in a seemingly never ending musical network of associations. The composer refers likewise to classical music, old philosophy and pop culture.
Contemporary Music Edition

Tobias Klich
On this DVD Tobias Klich presents his transdisciplinary work in conjunction with James Chan-A-Sue in four cinematic interpretations, two of them as multipart cycles. Klich is not only composer but also guitarist, filmmaker, visual artist and his compositions investigate the link between hearing and seeing.
Contemporary Music Edition

Enno Poppe / Wolfgang Heiniger: Tonband
Founded in New York in 2005, the contemporary music quartet Yarn/Wire is made up of two percussionists and two pianists. The group has gained an international reputation for dazzling and innovative programs. This CD features outstanding studio-quality first recordings of three works that grew out of Yarn/Wire’s long association with the artistic team of Wolfgang Heiniger and Enno Poppe.
Yarn/Wire Percussion Piano Quartet

Christian Wolff: Trio IX and Exercises
The American composer Christian Wolff is the last living representative of the New York School. Wolff was not even an adult when he studied with Grete Sultan and John Cage. Wolff’s music was much more politically motivated than that of Feldman and Cage. First recordings made in close collaboration with Wolff in the studios of Deutschlandfunk Cologne/Germany.
Trio Accanto

Mark Barden: Anatomy
Mark Barden’s music attends to the thresholds of our perception. Subtle deviations, ephemeral swarms of detail, and sustained sonic textures predominate on this portrait recording, as Paul Griffiths’ booklet text notes. In these works, which range from solo to full orchestra, Barden hunts for extremes.
Contemporary Music Edition

Philippe Manoury: Lab.Oratorium
Philippe Manoury is one of the most prominent compositional voices in France today, and his “Lab.Oratorium” presents one of his most significant works. Not only is the piece a fascinating exploration of sound color with more than 250 performers, it was inspired by the innovative architecture of many new concert halls (such as Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie). And perhaps most importantly, the work deals with themes that are urgently relevant in our troubled times.