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Welcome to WERGO – New Music for more than 50 Years

Clara Iannotta: Earthing
On her portrait recording “earthing” the Berlin-based composer Clara Iannotta concentrates on the genre string quartet. Therefor she takes inspiration mostly from the idea of an underwater world and the small animals that let their luminous organs glow in the deep. The resulting music seems to be under the pressure of water masses but happens in an environment of expanded time..
Contemporary Music Edition

Enjott Schneider: Flute Stories
Enjott Schneider is one of the most productive and successful composers of our time. He first achieved international fame as the composer of hundreds of scores for films such as “Herbstmilch”, “Schlafes Bruder”, or “Bibi Blocksberg und das Geheimnis der blauen Eulen”, but his orchestral works also have a richly varied narrative quality that is documented in WERGO’ s series of CDs dedicated to his music.
Flute Stories

Gerd Zacher: Event(ualitie)s
Gerd Zacher is an important figure in every history of twentieth century music. He was the most important New Music organist in the world, and it was thanks to him that composers such as György Ligeti, John Cage, Mauricio Kagel, Dieter Schnebel, and Isang Yun wrote so much music for the organ. It is less well known that Gerd Zacher was also an excellent composer, since he long withheld his compositions from the public.
Event(ualitie)s – Solo and Duo Compositions

Huihui Cheng
On this portrait CD the Chinese composer Huihui Cheng presents a multi-coloured spectrum of playful, mysterious and unreal sounds which are produced both by instrumental/vocal and electronic means. To feature intermedia elements of her work, like dance, performance and video installation, the CD is supplemented with videos and a smartphone game.
Contemporary Music Edition

Naomi Pinnock: Lines and Spaces
On this portrait the British composer Naomi Pinnock creates tender-fragile, finely differentiated sound formations from highly reduced sound material. The attempt to transform imperfection into sound is crucial for Pinnock’s work. The compositions on this CD reflect the range of works of Naomi Pinnock from solo pieces to larger vocal and instrumental compositions.
Lines and Spaces

Trio Accanto – Other Stories
The Trio Accanto’s unconventional instrumentation of saxophone, piano, and percussion fascinates composers and inspires them to look beyond their usual musical horizons. This is confirmed by the collection of pieces on this recording, which documents the ensemble’s challenging yet accessible repertoire.
Other Stories

Zeynep Gedizlioglu: Verbinden und Abwenden
The music of the composer Zeynep Gedizlioğlu is like a kaleidoscope of diverse moments – sometimes fragile, sometimes harsh-angular, then again expressive and culminating in virtuoso sound ecstasies. With these recordings she presents herself both with chamber music and large compositions for ensemble and orchestra.
Verbinden und Abwenden

Enjott Schneider: Krasnoyarsk Counterpoints
Siberia is known for its vast distances and the unfathomable dimensions of its unspoiled landscapes of rivers and lakes, forests and mountains, and tundra and taiga. The city of Krasnoyarsk is at the center of Eurasia between Moscow and Beijing and has a surprisingly vibrant musical life. In 2019, the city commissioned two works by Enjott Schneider, one of Germany’s most multifaceted composers.
Krasnoyarsk Counterpoints