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14 November 2017

Press release by Schott Music

Two New Cello Works by Kapustin

• For cello and piano

• Kapustin’s iconic jazz style


Burlesque Op. 97

Burlesque is a jolly piece, starting with two lines of solo cello music (arco), which  switches to pizzicato as the piano picks up the theme. The work parodies contrasting styles, abruptly juxtaposing a jazz idiom with a lyrical, romantic line, all the time displaying a great sense of humour in this frequent exchange. Towards the end a teasing dialogue ensues between cello and piano as they toss the jazz theme back and forth.

In 1999 Kapustin wrote three short compositions for cello and piano, BurlesqueElegy (ED 22848) and Nearly Waltz (ED 22852).


Nearly Waltz Op. 98

Nearly Waltz refers to both the tempo and mood, but alternately switches between 5/4 and 3/4 time. The cheerful theme in the cello is accompanied by the almost stormy piano part. The middle section is in a regular waltz tempo and is framed by the key part, which again resumes the opening theme.