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8 October 2019

Press release by Schott Music

Troy Sonata

For Piano

Fazil Say


  • Composed for piano solo
  • Made up of ten named parts
  • Contains worded indications of leitmotifs
  • To be played on Say’s 2020 World Tour


Fazil Say’s Troy Sonata is a musical retelling of the Trojan War, as written in Homer’s Iliad. Seperated into ten parts, the sonata recounts the events leading up to the giving of the Trojan Horse and its aftermath, tied together with leitmotifs representing characters present in Homer’s story, as well as concepts associated with the work.

Featured on the new Warner CD, Fazil Say plays Say, the Troy Sonata will shape the composer’s world tour program through 2020 in combination with the Hammerklavier sonata.