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Toshio Hosokawa 65

Toshio Hosokawa has worked in Europe and Japan for extended periods, and the majority of his works have premiered in Europe. His musical roots are based on tradition al Japanese musical concepts; key among them is ‘the calligraphy of sound’. Every sound in his music has a life of its own: once it has been born, it contains a calligraphic line and keeps transforming itself within its individual existence. Hosokawa listens acutely to a certain sound, immerses hirnself into it and listens to its inner workings. The sound gradually shapes the harmony of the universe in which humans merge into nature, acknowledging that they are actually part of nature. His music can be a ray ofl ight in these difficult times. On 23rd October it is Hosokawa’s 65th anniversary.

John Cage: Two4 / Toshio Hosokawa: In die Tiefe der Zeit
Silent Flowers. String Quartets
Quintets & Solos
Deep Silence
Voyage VIII / Voyage X Nozarashi / Stunden-Blumen / Arc Song / Lied
Frozen Time