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Tim Richards – discover and explore popular piano styles


Critically acclaimed jazz pianist, educator and author Tim Richards has produced numerous titles for Schott Music, including the best-selling two-volume Exploring Jazz PianoBlues, Boogie and Gospel Collection and Improvising Blues Piano. He is also co-author, with John Crawford, of Exploring Latin Piano and Brazilian Piano Collection.

The fantastic new Jazz, Latin and Modern Collection is his latest release in the Schott Pop-Styles series, and comprises Tim Richards originals along with pieces by Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk.

“The real joy of Tim’s music… is that it is both hugely educational but also such great fun to play. Anyone with the slightest interest in learning to play or teach jazz piano should really acquire a set of Tim’s books.”PIANODAO


NEW: Video Courses

We have partnered with MusicGurus to create some fantastic new online video courses.  Check them out here (opens in a new tab):

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Audio tracks

The play-along tracks to accompany Tim’s Jazz, Latin and Modern Collection can be found here:

Audio Downloads

Tim has also recorded a number of free tutorial videos.  Watch Tim’s videos here


Publications by Tim Richards

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Tim has also created a new MusicGurus series, based on the book Improvising Blues Piano.  Watch the sample videos below, or click on the logo above to visit the MusicGurus website.