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Percussion (also with other instruments)

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  1. Sous l'aile du vent

    Sous l'aile du vent

    for one percussionist
    Composer: Pécou, Thierry
    Instrumentation: percussion
    Edition: solo part
    Order No.: BAT 51
    €12.00  *
  2. Allegro ma non troppo

    Allegro ma non troppo

    Composer: Chin, Unsuk
    Instrumentation: percussion and tape
    Edition: score, Tape only availble form Boosey & Hawkes directly
    Order No.: BH 13368
    €15.00  *
  3. ictus


    Instrumentation: percussion
    Edition: performance score
    Order No.: BBC 3378
    €28.00  *
  4. Poème


    Composer: Guillou, Jean
    op. 79
    Instrumentation: piano (4 hands) and percussion
    Edition: performance score
    Order No.: ED 21654
    €39.00  *
  5. "Lied und Gebilde"

    Works for Viola and Percussion
    Composer: Mansurian, Tigran
    Instrumentation: viola and percussion (1 player: marimba, vibraphone, Woodblock, Thai gong, marimba, Tamtam, suspended cymbal)
    Edition: performance score, 2 copies required
    Order No.: BEL 677
    €23.50  *
  6. Cinq chansons pour percussion

    Cinq chansons pour percussion

    arrangement for two or three percussionists
    Composer: Vivier, Claude
    Instrumentation: percussion
    Edition: performance score
    Order No.: BHI 10622
    €22.50  *
  7. Drumming


    Part One
    Composer: Reich, Steve
    Instrumentation: bongo drums
    Edition: study score
    Order No.: BHI 21407
    €21.00  *
  8. Raise the Roof

    Raise the Roof

    for Timpani and Orchestra
    Composer: Daugherty, Michael
    Instrumentation: timpani and orchestra
    Edition: solo part, solo timpani part
    Order No.: BHI 10662
    €13.50  *
  9. Busted


    for Solo Percussion
    Composer: Mackey, Steven
    Instrumentation: percussion
    Order No.: BHI 10669
    €19.50  *
  10. Mime


    for Snare Drum
    Composer: Rouse, Christopher
    Instrumentation: snare drum
    Order No.: BHI 10671
    €19.50  *

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