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  1. Ryers Down

    Ryers Down

    Composer: Jenkins, Karl
    Instrumentation: flute and harp
    Edition: Flute part not included: flautists should purchase the flute & piano edition (BH 13300)
    Order No.: BH 13418
  2. Form and Postlude

    Form and Postlude

    for flute, clarinet, harp, and string quartet
    Composer: Lash, Hannah
    Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, harp, and string quartet
    Edition: score and parts
    Order No.: ED 31318
  3. Alla Turca Jazz

    Alla Turca Jazz

    Fantasia on the Rondo from the Piano Sonata in A major K. 331 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged for harp by Ekaterina Afanasieva (2015)
    Composer: Say, Fazil
    op. 5b
    Instrumentation: harp
    Edition: single sheet
    Order No.: ED 22797
  4. Leaves, Space

    Leaves, Space

    for harp and double bass
    Composer: Lash, Hannah
    Instrumentation: harp and double bass
    Edition: score and part
    Order No.: ED 31302
  5. Celtic Fantasy

    Celtic Fantasy

    for harp
    Composer: Scott, Cyril
    Instrumentation: harp
    Order No.: ED 13301
  6. St Asaph's Dance

    St Asaph's Dance

    Composer: Jenkins, Karl
    Instrumentation: harp and tambourine ad lib.
    Edition: optional tambourine part is available as a free download from Boosey & Hawkes
    Order No.: BH 13095
  7. Kontraste


    Composer: Mamlok, Ursula
    Instrumentation: oboe and harp
    Edition: performance score, 2 performance scores
    Order No.: BB 3396
  8. Endecha


    Instrumentation: harp
    Order No.: EE 5438
  9. Wolkenfelder


    Music for Viola and Harp
    Composer: Mamlok, Ursula
    Instrumentation: viola and harp
    Order No.: BB 3264
  10. Motet IV

    Motet IV

    Instrumental solo from "Since it was the day of Preparation …" for voice and ensemble
    Composer: MacMillan, James
    Instrumentation: harp
    Order No.: BH 12961

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