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Opera & Orchestra: Reduced Versions and Small Ensembles

Due to the new regulations, space has become a concern for many concert and operatic performances. With imaginative smaller-scale adaptations, some large-scale works can still be performed under the current circumstances. During the past few months, we as well as our partners have added numerous arrangements to our publishing programme and now provide you with a list of these new additions and other useful resources for social distancing in concert and opera.

New at Schott: Classics for small orchestral forces arranged by Joolz Gale

Joolz Gale © Gavin Evans

From Beethoven’s “Fifth” over piano concertos by Mendelssohn and Mozart to Sibelius’ “Third” and Strauss’ “Ein Heldenleben” – for his Ensemble Mini, Joolz Gale has arranged numerous classics from the concert repertoire in an ingenious fashion. Schott now provides you with the performance material of his arrangements.

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(Chamber-)Orchestra Works by Number of Players

New online planning resource: Filter our orchestral works by the number of required musicians. Categories:


Chamber Operas

Small-scale works for the music theatre are available in our brochure “Chamber Opera”. You can download the extensively annotated volume here as a PDF document or read the epaper on Issuu.


Reduced Versions of Grand Operas

Viktor Ullmann has not only wirtten tragic works but also a very amusing short opera The Broken Jug  after Heinrich von Kleis (reduced by Richard Whilds for the Bavarian State Opera). Kurt Weill’s The Seven Deadly Sins  is, thanks to HK Gruber’s ingenous reduction, now available for an ensemble of 15 players. Carl Orff’s Die Kluge has recently been added to our catalogue in a small version which may also be performed by professional ensembles. Moreover, a reduced version of his Der Mond will be published shortly.

Discover more reduced operas Opern

Staged Song Cycles

Among the smallest instrumentations are Songs and Lieder such as Jörg Widmann´s humorous cycle Das heiße Herz for medium voice and piano or Aribert Reimann’s arrangements of cycles by Brahms, Schubert and Mendelssohn for string quartet. From various of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Lieder Theatre Coburg created a full evening on the main stage, quite similar to Staatstheater Darmstadt´s scenic/video version of Christian Jost’s Dichterliebe. By the way: Do you know Erwin Schulhoff´s jazzy and satirical Lieder from the 1920s?


“Corona” Series of Chamber Orchestra Works

This is not a joke but a traditional series from the Schott Group publisher Moeseler: The traditional series called “Corona” contains classical repertoire for small orchestras in sales editions.

String Orchestra Repertoire

Strictly strings: When your winds have to be silent, here are the works for you. Quite often, solo strings can be used and therefore the exact number of players can vary.


Foto: Adobe Stock / metamorworks