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Original performance pieces for cello and piano

Appassionato Appassionato
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Mohrs/Preußer: Appassionato – 25 Original Concert Pieces

– Sheet music –


Volume 2 of the Cellissimo series contains 25 popular original pieces for cello and piano from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras and is a real treasure trove for advanced pupils, students, teachers, and cello lovers.
The cello repertoire comprises many major standard works for lessons, concerts and competitions like Jugend musiziert. Apart from classics by Vivaldi, Bréval, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Faurè, and Saint-Saëns, this volume also contains some lesser known works, e.g. by August Nölck (1862–1928) and Georg Goltermann (1824–1898).

The pieces are of medium technical difficulty which corresponds to grade 3-4 of Jugend musiziert or grade 5-8 of the international examination system.

Some of the pieces come with a basso part (violoncello 2) which is available for download free of charge.