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20 February 2019

Press release by Schott Music

New Release in the Schott Student Edition series



Pieces for Beginners


Daniel Gottlob Türk


• very easy pieces

• part of the Schott Student Edition series

• pieces ordered in terms of difficulty


After composing his piano method, the piano teacher Daniel Gottlieb Türk, a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart, composed a large collection of little “Handstücke”, or instructive pieces, for beginners. This volume contains the easiest of these pieces, ordered so that they constitute a little course which gradually introduces all keys of up to three accidentals, increasing independence of the hands, different ways of playing and various rhythms.

This edition is part of the new Schott Student Edition series which offers varied literature at five different levels of difficulty, from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult), for instrumental lessons.