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22 August 2018

Press release by Schott Music

New Piece by Nikolai Kapustin





op. 75

Nikolai Kapustin


• Considered the most difficult of Kapustin’s works

• sounds like improvisation despite being notated

• modern composition


The Humoresque Op. 75 – composed in 1994 – is considered one of the most difficult pieces by Kapustin. Presented in the standard jazz form, the variations sound like improvisations despite being notated, and were influenced by McCoy Tyner’s style.


Nikolai Kapustin’s music can be described as virtuosic jazz artfully combined with classical music forms. He was born in Eastern Ukraine in 1937 and trained as a pianist in Moscow. As a composer, he is seen as an innovator and was one of the pioneers of the Soviet jazz scene. His extensive output has been published by Schott Music since 2013 and offers exciting works for pianists and musicians who are interested in demanding jazz music.