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29 May 2018

Press release by Schott Music

New Book by Miloš Karadaglić


Play Guitar with Miloš Level 1

Learn the secrets of the world’s most loved classical guitarist
Miloš Karadaglić, Carl Herring


• by the worlds most loved classical guitarist, Miloš

• for guitarists of all ages

• filled with helpful tips and exercises


Learn the secrets of the world’s most popular classical guitarist, and join Miloš on his classical guitar journey!

A brilliant opportunity to inspire people of all ages to take up classical guitar! Suitable for beginner guitarists, with some knowledge of the rudiments of classical guitar playing.

Includes Miloš’s personal stories, photos and the classical guitar pieces that he has loved and played over the years. From the very first guitar pieces that excited Miloš as young boy of 8 in Montenegro to the repertoire he has performed and played in his concerts and on his albums worldwide.

In book 1, Miloš introduces some of the beginner pieces he first played. He gives some background information on each, as well as helpful exercises and tips to give the guitarist a great start to their practice.

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