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29 May 2018

Press release by Schott Music

New Book from Christopher Norton

The Christopher Norton Jazz Preludes Collection

14 original pieces

Christopher Norton

• for intermediate to advanced-level keyboard players

• from the creator of microjazz

• includes CD

Embark on a voyage of discovery with this stunning collection of 14 original Jazz Preludes from the creator of Microjazz, inspired by the musical landscapes and legendary pioneers of the jazz world. Take in the syncopated rhythms of Ragtime in Missouri and the melancholy Blues songs of the Deep South, step into the swinging clubs and dancehalls of New Orleans, Chicago and New York and groove to the pulsating rhythms of LatinAmerican carnivals in these characteristically innovative compositions by Christopher Norton.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced-level keyboard players, these pieces are perfect for the concert platform, as well as providing excellent teaching material. An accompanying CD features newly-recorded stylish demonstration performances by Iain Farrington.