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8 October 2019

Press release by Schott Music

My First Concert

31 Easy Concert Pieces from 5 Centuries

Charlotte Mohrs


  • First book in the series
  • Excellent for class teacher
  • Very easy to easy pieces


This book offers a varied spectrum of very easy pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras, including works by Beethoven, Charpentier, Haydn, Humperdinck, Mozart, Praetorius, Reinagle or Schubert, as well as easy folk tunes and Canons, which are excellent for class teaching. The repertoire enriches the daily exercises and any double bass tutor.

All pieces can be played in half and first position, using easy rhythms and meters, easily playable major and minor keys, easy bowing and articulation as well as easy dynamics from piano to forte, crescendo and decrescendo. All pieces are included on CD. This book is a treasure trove for beginners and can be used even earlier than the first book in the series “Easy Concert Pieces” (Schott ED 22551).