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19 June 2018

Press release by Schott Music

Kurt Schwertsik’s Piano Works – Compiled in One Album for the First Time



Collected piano works

Kurt Schwertsik


• 20th century compositions
• for intermediate to advanced players
• includes contextual notes by the composer


Compiled in one album for the first time: Kurt Schwertsik’s Piano Works. Kurt Schwertsik’s music is charactirised by ever-changing moods and is idiosyncratic with a refreshing lightness of touch. Though a pupil of Stockhausen, the composer rejected serialism in favour of new forms of tonality.

His search for an ‘alternative’ modern culture draws inspiration from Satie and the Dada movement. His wide-ranging portfolio includes operas, ballets, the Irdische Klänge orchestral cycle, concertos for violin, alphorn, guitar, double bass, timpani, flute and trombone, numerous song cycles and Nachtmusiken – a nocturnal orchestral journey through wartime Vienna.