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Jazz Theory and Arranging

Brasilianischer Musik Workshop Brasilianischer Musik Workshop
29,95 €
Brazilian Music Workshop Brazilian Music Workshop
29,95 €
The Jazz Theory Workbook The Jazz Theory Workbook
22,95 €
Jazzharmonielehre Jazzharmonielehre
34,95 €
Harmonische Grundlagen Harmonische Grundlagen
This book is based on a step-by-step approach. In addition, you can listen to most of the examples and exercises on the accompanying audio CD.
26,00 €
Jazz & Pop Jazz & Pop
24,50 €
The Teaching of Jazz The Teaching of Jazz
19,95 €
Hearin' The Changes Hearin' The Changes
Studies the chord progressions of hundreds of carefully chosen tunes from the jazz repertoire by comparing them, linking them together by commonalities, and codifying harmonic traits to show how progressions “work.” As the ability to recognize progression
24,95 €
Jazz Arranging & Composing Jazz Arranging & Composing
46,95 €
Jazz Arrangement & Komposition Jazz Arrangement & Komposition
48,00 €
Sorry, this product does not exist.
Jazz Arranging Jazz Arranging
Comparable to a college course, the reader will be guided from beginning to more advanced writing techniques. Through refined verbalization and a vast number of musical examples, this book establishes a clear understanding of these guidelines and fosters
32,50 €
The Forgotten Chords The Forgotten Chords
This book is devoted to the “forgotten” chords of the harmonic minor/major scales, and is designed for the advanced musician. In order to explore this subject, the book includes a close examination of the scales and chords that precede the “forgotten” cho
38,00 €
Conversations With Bill Holman Conversations With Bill Holman
39,50 €
Jazz Harmony Jazz Harmony
31,95 €
The Jazz Chord/Scale Handbook The Jazz Chord/Scale Handbook
19,50 €
Sorry, this product does not exist. Sorry, this product does not exist.
Le Livre de la Theorie du Jazz Le Livre de la Theorie du Jazz
49,50 €
Self-Portrait of a Jazz Artist Self-Portrait of a Jazz Artist
21,95 €
Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony
Encourages the exploration of creative abilities in the unfettered environment of the chromatic-modal system and asymmetric form. Free from conventional harmonic patterns, this approach clears the way for compositional expression in all musical styles–pos
28,00 €
Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony
27,50 €
Advanced Harmonic Concepts Advanced Harmonic Concepts
32,95 €
Sorry, this product does not exist.
Cubajazz Cubajazz
Unlike other systems on this subject, this system is made up of chords formed on the basis of one note (bass) plus a perfect major chord. Using this concept, the major and minor modes, seventh chord substitutions, other kinds of substitutions, and inversi
24,95 €
Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging Changes Over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging
Through comparative case studies, this book illustrates the dramatic development of the key elements of jazz arranging–rhythm, melody, harmony, orchestration, structure–from the 1920's to the present. It presents 35 arrangements of four great tunes–“King
49,50 €
Contemporary Harmony Contemporary Harmony
55,00 €
Ear Training Ear Training
25,00 €
Hörtraining Hörtraining
In "Hörtraining" von Sigi Busch und den dazugehörigen CDs findet man einen methodisch klaren Aufbau - von einfach bis schwer: Harmonie, Melodie und Rhythmus werden in jedem Kapitel behandelt, abwechslungsreiche Beispiele und Aufgaben von verschiedenen Ins
24,50 €
Hörtraining Hörtraining
24,50 €
Sorry, this product does not exist.
The Ears Have Walls The Ears Have Walls
Although geared to the jazz improviser, this book will prove beneficial to all types of players and all instruments. The varied examples in this book cover extensive musical vocabulary starting from simple diatonic melodies and chord progressions, working
54,95 €
Training The Ear Training The Ear
A basic ear training text with examples and suggested self-study curriculum. These exercises were created for use in entry-level college classes and for private study. While this book focuses on the specific musical needs of jazz improvisers, students of
44,95 €
Training The Ear Training The Ear
59,95 €
Performance Ear Training Performance Ear Training
36,95 €
The Book of Silence The Book of Silence
This method utilizes silence (rests) as the musical device to insure the consistent, subdivided counting that’s critical in becoming a successful sightreader. Two mp3 CDs include more than 250 audio click tracks of various rhythms and tempos that will hel
24,95 €
Precision Timing Precision Timing
21,95 €
Pure Rhythm Pure Rhythm
This book is for the instrumentalist, composer, percussionist, student and music educator who aims to expand his or her understanding of rhythm and overall musicianship. It is an applied guide to the fundamentals of rhythm, presented step-by-step from the
45,00 €
Advanced Rhythms in Improvisation Advanced Rhythms in Improvisation
24,95 €
Exploration in Rhythm Exploration in Rhythm
18,95 €
Body Beats Body Beats
24,95 €
Global Groove Global Groove
34,50 €
Sorry, this product does not exist. Sorry, this product does not exist.