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30 January 2018

Press release by Schott Music

The Imaginary Museum – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

The Imaginary Museum
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Julian Anderson

I. The World is a Window
II. Janacek’s Wells – (segue into)
III. Sea
IV. Forest Murmurs
V. A Song Before Dawn
VI. Mountain

“The Imaginary Museum is the title of a book by the French
cultural politician André Malraux. Malraux argues that, due
to the dispersal of great art around the world’s museums, it
is only in one’s mind or else in book form that it’s possible
to assemble a coherent collection of art nowadays.
I decided to take the piano – that most immobile of
instruments – on an imaginary journey to various locations,
whether pictorially inspired or not. The acoustics of these
virtual locations was as important to the sound of the music
as any evocation of terrain. In practice, both factors
engender changing musical relationships between piano
and orchestra. “
– Julian Anderson (composer)