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Harald Weiss 70

Jazz and Rock music are an important source of inspiration for Harald Weiss’s compositions. Also, his numerous trips to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have a significant influence on his music. In his works Weiss tries out alternative musical forms and sounds, which do not need electronic devices. These experiments with the possibilities of natural sound production made him develop exceptional techniques for vocals and percussion.

On 26th May he celebrates his 70th birthday.

Released by WERGO:
* Das Gespenst – The Ghost. Musical theater for children and adults in two parts including a pause (ALC 52012)
* Archmusic.coe – The Ark. A piece with prologue but without finale (SM 1060-50)
* Wintergesänge. A song cycle without words (SM 1066-50)
* Ade. A piece on parting (SM 1077-50)
* My Wooden Dancing Shoes for percussion instruments, voices and original soundtrack (SM 10862)
* Reise in die Nacht. An acoustical film (SM 10892)
* Das andere Paradies. An acoustical film (SM 18112)
* The Rest is Silence. A portrait (WER 62012)
* Stille Mauern for string quartet and tape (WER 66852)