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26 August 2020

Press release by Schott Music

Happy Birthday, Schott Music!

10 Piano-Bar Arrangements of Well-Known Schott Melodies

Carsten Gerlitz (arr.)


  • Well-known Classical and Romantic melodies
  • Easy-to-play, jazzy arrangements
  • Audio recordings for download


Founded in 1770 by Bernhard Schott in Mainz, the Schott music publishing house celebrates its 250th anniversary in 2020. The anniversary’s motto is ‘Joy of Music’ because Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, published by Schott in 1826, is one of the most important works in music history, with Schiller’s famous final chorus ‘Ode to Joy’.

In ‘Happy Birthday, Schott Music!’ top arranger Carsten Gerlitz devotes himself to arranging the perhaps most popular melody by Beethoven and nine other treasures from the Schott programme. He interprets a selection of original works by Wagner, Humperdinck and the like with great care and respect in his unmistakeable, atmospheric lounge style.

Including audio tracks for download.