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30 January 2018

Press release by Schott Music

Gilbert: New work for Bass Clarinet and Marimba

for bass clarinet and marimba

Anthony Gilbert

• Extensive use of multiphonics
• Multiphonic fingering chart provided
• 12 minutes duration
Commissioned in 1993, Gilbert’s Ziggurat reflects his
fascination for the relationship between music and
This musical work depects the structure of the large
Babylonia Ziggurat. Starting at ground level, a staircase
winds up around a conical structure, decorated with passage
of visual narrative and imagery.
Gilbert’s duo for bass clarinet and marimba engages on a
similar journey, continuously climbing but also episodic.
Passages of wild virtuosic music are seperated by steady,
directed motion.
Colour-changes involving bass clarinet multiphonics and rich
chordal writing for the marimba are strongly featured.

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