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The new Eulenburg app: Eulenburg PluScore®

Read – listen – edit – sharing scores


Here’s how it works:

You can download the free app from the App Store:


This free app contains all of the tools that you require to read, listen to and edit scores. In order to try out the app’s large number of features for yourself, the fourth movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 in C major is provided for free along with a Deutsche Grammophon recording by Les Musiciens du Louvre under the direction of Marc Minkowski.
Zusätzlich erhalten Sie Die Kunst des Partiturlesens mit vielen wertvollen Hinweisen.

How do I buy more scores?
Within the app, scores (including high-quality recordings of the works by Deutsche Grammophon) can be purchased from the store, directly downloaded and immediately used. Depending on their size, the price of individual scores ranges between €7.99 and €12.99.

All purchased items can be recovered in the case of technical problems or when the terminal device is exchanged. Regular updates of the operating systems keep the app up to date. The Eulenburg app is cross-platform and assisted by the operating systems iOS and Android.



eulenburg_mozart_coverThe scores are available in digital, newly reset versions.
Every piece comes with a well-founded preface in several languages, some also with critical reports which provide information on the transmission history and on the sources and are based on the current complete editions.
Intelligent links in the app make sure that the contents can be easily found in the scores.


audioEach work comes with a top-quality recording of Deutsche Grammophon:

The user can listen to the music due to an integrated audio player.
The audio tracks are linked to the music pages so that the user, when choosing a track, can skip to the beginning of the respective piece or movement.



Due to comprehensive commenting and editing tools, notes can be entered in the score very quickly. The size of the tools is continuously variable; the notes or comments can be hidden or unhidden, as required. The entries can be erased manually by using the virtual eraser tool.

The keyboard can be used to write in the score.

The Pen tool can be used to enter free-hand comments.

The Highlighter tool can be used to highlight important passages in vivid colours.

By clicking icon you can easily share your entries with others. Ideal for working in groups and for your studies!