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Edition Eulenburg – Scores for everyone

The Eulenburg Edition comprises reasonably priced pocket scores, study scores with CD, as well as e-books. Eulenburg’s scores are an unbeatable resource for reading, listening to and anotating works, in both print and digital formats. This is why Edition Eulenburg has remained the world’s unrivalled library with more than 1,200 scores of orchestral, vocal and chamber music since 1874.

New publications

etp_402-beethoven_150_The Classics
Reasonably priced pocket scores – Featuring titles from the Baroque era to Classical modernism. Selected scores are now availabler in a larger format for easier reading.

Over 200 works of the well-known Edition Eulenburg series of scores from orchestral and choral literature, chamber music and music theatre are now available in digital format.
You can now enjoy the yellow study scores digitally with one click in excellent reproduction quality.

eas_200-haendel_648_10 Years of EULENBURG AUDIO+SCORE – 100 editions!
Celebrating 10 years of the award-winning Eulenburg Audio+Score series with the release of Volume 100, Handel’s Musick for the Royal Fireworks. These editions, first published in 2006, which have since become household and classroom favourites, contain both the score and a CD containing high quality, live recordings of the works.