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18 September 2017

Press release by Schott Music

Essential Exercises for Cello Technique

Thumb Position

Duets and Exercises Introducing the Use of the Thumb on the Cello

Gabriel Koeppen

• New in the Schott Essential Exercises series
• Simple step-by-step instruction
• Pieces in classical, folk, rock and jazz styles make practice enjoyable
• The ideal resource to compliment any cello method


This volume introduces the most important thumb techniques. Performance pieces from the fields of classical, folk, rock, and jazz music help to consolidate the skills learned. Many pieces come with piano accompaniments and mp3s for download.
The 4 finger patterns in thumb position are introduced systematically. The thumb first remains placed over the octave harmonics. Gradually, other thumb positions are added. At the end of the volume, changes from one thumb position to the other and octave parallels are introduced.

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