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eda records-CD has been awarded

The EDA CD ” Poland Abroad Vol. 7″ with compositions by Ignatz Waghalter, Ignace Strasfogel and Karol Rathaus has been awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics’ Award, List of Best Recordings 4/2019, category “Chamber Music”.

Having regarded Germany as their artistic and intellectual home at the beginning of the 20th century, these three Jewish composers from Poland were driven into exile by the National Socialists: Ignatz Waghalter, Ignace Strasfogel and Karol Rathaus. Although they survived the holocaust, they could not continue on their career or could only do it under arduous conditions. Whereas Waghalter prefers the tonal, late Romantic-Impressionist idiom – though in a very personal and imaginative way –, Strasfogel and Rathaus are close to the Second Viennese School. The passion of the Polish String Quartet for the brilliantly composed and very rewarding works by the three composers is clearly noticeable. The ensemble captivates the audience with an impressively homogeneous sound and structural clarity. A real find! (For the jury: Elisabeth Richter)

Poland Abroad Vol. 7 – String Quartets 2
Sring quartets by Ignatz Waghalter, Ignace Strasfogel and Karol Rathaus
Interpreters: Polish String Quartet Berlin
EDA 43