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Dieter Schnebel 90

“There must be no victors, not even in the arts …” – This was the credo Dieter Schnebel shared with artists like John Cage and remained faithful to his whole life. The arts and the world, music and everyday life – these were no contrasts to him. With compositions like “Ki-No”, “visible music” and “anschläge – ausschläge” he created a new open concept of work which left boundaries in space and time behind and saw the composer as creative trigger, not as completer of the work. As Schnebel understood the performance situation as a truly democratic event, he brought street noise into the concert hall. Even in key works, like the vocal work “Ekstasis” or the opera “Majakowskis Tod – Totentanz”, he consequently denied aesthetic dogmatism any influence.

On March 14th Schnbel would have turned 90.

Released by WERGO:
Missa. Dahlemer Messe (WER 62182)
Choralvorspiele I/II / Atemzüge (WER 62872)
Orchestra (WER 66742)
Movimento (WER 73522)
Maulwerke (MV 8045)
Andante con moto. An portrait (MV 8125)