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Sofia Gubaidulina 90

Sofia Gubaidulina is one of the most important Russian composers of our time.
She lives in Moscow and, together with Schnittke, Denisov and Silvestrov, she is now regarded worldwide as one of the leading representatives of New Music. She visited Japan in 1989 and 1990, where her compositions are highly regarded. She has written many film scores, as well as the better known works such as “Offertorium” Concerto for violin and “Seen Words” for violoncello, bayan and strings, etc. It is evident from these titles that religion is an important aspect of her serious musical work; however, it is interesting that this manifests itself in a different way from composers such as Messiaen or Pärt.
On March 24, 2021, Sofia Gubaidulina celebrates his 90th birthday – congratulations!

Sieben Worte / In croce
Am Rande des Abgrunds / De profundis / Quaternion / In croce
In Croce. Werke für Kontrabass


Mikis Theodorakis 1925–2021

On the death of the composer Mikis Theodorakis – “I composed knowing that one can overcome the limits of human existence only through imagination, inspiration and intuition.” Diversely inspired and inspiring, composer Mikis Theodorakis became an artistic and political folk hero, the sonic synonym of Greece. From his political songs, his megahit, the film music for “Alexis Zorba”, but also the countless operas, symphonies, choral works, etc., it is clear how diverse forms his artistic ideas could take. For more than three decades we have had a close collaboration with the composer, which has resulted in countless recordings. At the age of 96, Mikis Theodorakis died yesterday, September 2, 2021 in Athens. His music remains and there are still many surprises to discover in it.

Mikis Theodorakis: An obituary


WERGO CD has been awarded

The WERGO CD “Filz” with compositions by Enno Poppe has been awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics’ Award, List of Best Recordings 3/2021, category “Contemporary Classical Music”.

Complex glissando structures, microtonal friction, highly differentiated vibrato: the viola concerto “Filz“ by Enno Poppe, composed in 2013/14 for Tabea Zimmermann and the Hamburg Ensemble Resonanz, places the highest of demands on the performers. In this premiere recording, a web of tonal sensuality is woven. The great soloist, Siemens Music Prize winner 2020, designs a dramaturgically concise sequence. With “Stoff” and “Wald” too, composed for Ensemble Resonanz, Poppe presents himself as a true string expert. Along the way, it becomes clear how much this arrangement enriches musical life. (for the jury: Marco Frei)

Enno Poppe: Filz
Interpreters: Tabea Zimmermann / Ensemble Resonanz
WER 73992


Hans Werner Henze 95

Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) is certainly one of the most versatile and important composers of the 20th century. Throughout all creative phases, many of his works have become an integral part of the repertoire on opera and orchestra stages. The WERGO label accompanied Henze for decades with excellent reference recordings, making his music accessible to many people worldwide. Today would have been Henze’s 95th birthday. We send joyful greeting to this free spirit!

La Cubana oder Ein Leben für die Kunst
The English Cat
Une petite phrase / Lucy Escott Variations / Cherubino/ 6 Stücke für junge Pianisten / Variationen op. 13 / Sonata
Drei sinfonische Etüden / Quattro Poemi / Nachtstücke und Arien / La selva incantata
Scorribanda sinfonica / Antifone / 1. Klavierkonzert
Boulevard Solitude Zwischenspiele / Ballett-Variationen / Kammerkonzert / Concertino / Rosa Silber
Ein Landarzt / Das Ende einer Welt
Aristaeus / Orpheus behind the Wire
El Cimarrón
Symphonies 7 & 8
Sinfonia N. 9
Symphonies 3-5
Symphonies 2 & 10
Being Beauteous / Kammermusik 1958
Heliogabalus Imperator
Unanswered Love
Works for Double Bass


WERGO CDs have been nominated

Three WERGO CDs have been nominated for the OPUS Klassik 2021:

Giacinto Scelsi: Suite 8 & 11 per pianoforte
Sabine Liebner: piano
WER 73282

Enno Poppe: Stoff
Hannah Weirich: violin / Dirk Rothbrust: drumset / Ensemble Musikfabrik / Enno Poppe: conductor
WER 73952

Younghi Pagh-Paan: Seidener Faden – Silken Thread
E-MEX Ensemble / Christoph Maria Wagner: conductor
WER 73972

The OPUS KLASSIK 2021 will be awarded on October 10, 2021 in the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Harry Partch 120

Harry Partch created musical dramas, pieces for dance theatre, vocal compositions and chamber music works which were primarily to be performed on instruments which he had specially developed. His compositions unite American folklore, inspiration from African and Asian literature and mystical and preChristian magic. Partch was critical of conventional concert traditions, well-tempered tuning and the concept of absolute music. His creative works only began to attract wide attention towards the end of his life and continue to flourish today. Harry Partch would have turned 120 on 24th June 2021.

The Wayward


New at eda records

Simon Laks and his songs

Due to his descent, the Polish-Jewish composer Simon Laks (1901–1983) was long denied international recognition. His shared this fate with a number of other notable composers. They have the same origins and belong to the same generation, were born around the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century. Although Laks was not without success during his lifetime, a systematic reappraisal of his works has taken place only in recent years, including the publication of unpublished works and the reissue of long out-of-print editions as the basis for their active reception.

Simon Laks: Complete Works for Voice and Piano
Ania Vegry: soprano / Dominique Horwitz: voice / Katarzyna Wasiak: piano


Alvin Lucier 90

With playful ease, he repeatedly arouses curiosity for very simple, basic sound phenomena, changes one’s own hearing precisely through reduction without worrying about traditional notions of music and notation: Alvin Lucier. Impressive, for example, is his solo triangle piece “Silver Streetcar”, in which, without rhythmic change of a pulse, only the point of touch is changed by Matthias Kaul and the smallest differences in timbre create a musical arc (CD, WER 66602). In the context of the highly acclaimed composer film-portrait “No ideas but in things” (DVD, MV 8095), Lucier is introduced in a very personal way including many insights into his classic work of media art “I’m sitting in a room” (1969). In May Lucier celebrates his 90th birthday.

No Ideas but in Things. Der Komponist Alvin Lucier
Nothing is Real


Aribert Reimann 85

Aribert Reimann, one of the world’s most important composers of our time, is first of all a master of vocal music, who always writes for voice (never against it). This is evident in his numerous lieder, but especially in his large operas, the plots of which Reimann primarily selects from world literature and transforms them into unique forms through his own musical language. In all compositions, his music possesses a powerful emotionality which directly captures his listeners.
On March 4, 2021, Aribert Reimann celebrates his 85th birthday – congratulations!

Kinderlieder / Nacht-Räume / Neun Sonette der Louize Labé
Das Schloss
Spiralat halom / Eingedunkelt / Neun Stücke
Unanswered Love