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African Song

Abdullah Ibrahim aka ‘Dollar Brand’ is one of the true jazz greats. His cycle ‘African Song’ celebrates the unmistakable atmosphere and cheerfulness of African music. This arrangement for alto saxophone and piano is a rather special performance piece.


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Klezmer Piano Collection

Julian Rowlands presents a wide ranging collection of Klezmer tunes and Jewish melodies for piano. Highly flexible to use, the pieces may be performed by a solo pianist. Information on the history of Klezmer music, its scales, modes and forms is provided, as well as guidance on general style and adding your own ornamentation, embellishment and improvisations. The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes performed by Julian Rowlands.


Sample of content:

– Avreml der Marvikher
– Der Heyer Bulgar
– Moishele Mayn Fraynd
– Rozhinkes mit Mandelen
– Der Yod in Yerusholayim
– Oy Tate
– A Gasn Nign
– Ma Yofus
– Kandel’s Hora
– Buhusher Khusidl
– Russian Sher
– A Nakht in Gan Eydn
– Shtiler Bulgar
– Alter Bulgar
– Fun Tashlikh


In the 11th century Cordoba was one of the largest European capitals consisting of people of varying cultures and religions. Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in harmony and important philosophers, scientists and artists were rife.
Musically, ‘Cordoba’ expresses an inter-religious dialogue through structural notation.
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Folk Roots for Violin

In this timeless new collection, Hywel Davies presents eleven fresh arrangements of traditional British folk tunes as well as seven complementary, folk-inspired compositions of his own.
Arranged in order of difficulty, the pieces in this album are suitable for beginner to intermediate violinists. The CD contains complete recordings of the pieces as well as complete accompanying parts which have also been recorded in a slower version for rehearsal purposes.
– Blackbirds and Thrushes
– Priddy Fair
– The Watchet Sailor
– Air
– Farewell, Nancy
– From under the trees
– The Ploughboy
– Wraggle Taggle
– O Waly Waly
– Adieu
– Bridgewater Fair
– Fanny Blair
– It’s a rosebud in June
– Robin Hood and the Tanner
– Song
– Walking Song
– Waltz
– Milonga
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Schott Violin Library

The Schott Violin Library contains eleven varied Baroque sonatas for violin and basso continuo. Including both popular sonatas by Corelli, Vivaldi, Handel and Telemann and lesser known, charming compositions by Dall’Abaco, Pepusch and Finger.
Suitable for violinists of intermediate standard.
Some of these works can be played entirely in first position, others require only a few position changes and the sonatas by Dall’Abaco, Kirchhoff, Vivaldi and Handel require more fluent shifts between the first three positions.
– A. Corelli: Sonata A major op. 5/9
– G. Finger: Sonata G major
– J.C. Pepusch: Sonata No. 5 G major
– J.C. Pepusch: B minor
– E.F. dall’Abaco: Sonata D major op. 1/6
– A. Vivaldi: Sonata F major op. 2/4
– A. Vivaldi: Sonata B minor op. 2/5
– G.P. Telemann: Sonatina No. 6 F major (TWV 41:F1)
– G. Kirchhoff: Sonata No. 11 B minor
– W. de Fesch: Sonata No. 4 G major
– G.F. Händel: Sonata No. 13 D major HWV 371
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Summer Sonata

I wrote the first movement of my Sommersonate in the summer of 2010, and though a self-contained work, it called out for continuation or a companion piece. I imagine the first movement, marked moderato, to be bright, free, weightless, transparent, flooded in sunlight. In contrast, the newly composed second movement is nocturnal and cryptic, with a restrained glow. A Romance, a (summer) night piece. –Jörg Widmann

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A Solo Book for Treble Recorder

A huge collection of solo pieces from the 14th-21st centuries. With a wide range of styles and moods, this volume has something for everyone. The pieces are all at a moderate level of difficulty and are suitable for intermediate to advanced players.   Sample of content:

– H. Purcell: Heers that will Chaling all the Faire
– Anon: New Allmand
– Anon: Corant
– Anon: An Entrie Danc’d by Mrs. Saintloe at the Theatre
– G.F. Händel: Air
– Anon: Fly swiftly ye Minutes
– Anon: Airs Anglois
– G. Bingham: Air
– A. van Heerde: Boree
– A. v. Heerde: Jigg
– A. v. Heerde: Sarabanda
– Mr. Clark: Jigg
– Anon: Air
– D. Demoivre: Suite a-Moll
– Anon 1750: 13 pieces “The Complete Tutor for the Flute“
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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The setting of Goethe’s ‘Zauberlehrling’ is among the most famous works by the Parisian composer Paul Dukas.
This orchestral work tells the story of the sorcerer’s apprentice who overestimates his magical powers and causes complete chaos.
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The Violinissimo series attempts to make the rich repertoire of five centuries of violin music accessible for lessons, concerts and private music-making.
The anthology Serenade contains a selection of 36 intermediate arrangements for violin and piano which can be used for performance purposes to enlarge the educational standard repertoire and make it more interesting and may therefore be a constant companion of every advanced pupil in his/her lessons.
Sample of content:
– J.S. Bach: Air from the Orchestral Suite No. 3 D major
– G.F. Händel: Alla Hornpipe from the “Water Music”
– R. Hofstetter: Serenade
– G. Braga: La Serenata / The Angel’s Serenade
– F. Schubert: Ständchen (“Leise flehen meine Lieder”)
– J. Brahms: Waltz op. 39/15
– G. Bizet: Carmen-Medley
– P.I. Tschaikowsky: Chanson triste, op. 40/2
– A. Dvorák: Humoresque op. 101/7
– E. Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1
– S. Rachmaninow: Vocalise op. 34/14
– Z. de Abreu: Tico Tico
– G. Gershwin: Prelude No. 2
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