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Insiders’ Tip for Cello Lessons

Hot Cello 1 Hot Cello 1
19,50 €

Koeppen: Hot Cello 1

16 easy pop pieces in the first position

An absolute must for modern cello lessons: Hot Cello is a varied mixture of pieces from pop, rock, blues and jazz music. Volume 1 is very easy and limited to the first position. Students are gradually introduced to technical and musical problems. The second part is intended for the teacher or advanced students. The pieces in Volume 2 are musically and technically more demanding and assume the ability to play in 1st-4th position. All pieces are included on the accompanying CD.



Yiddish Songs

Klezmer Piano Collection Klezmer Piano Collection
20,50 €

Klezmer Piano Collection

Edition with CD –

A wide ranging collection of Klezmer tunes and Jewish melodies for piano. Highly flexible to use, the pieces can be performed by a solo pianist or in a variety of instrumental combinations.Information is provided on the history of Klezmer music, its scales, modes and forms as well as on general style. The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes performed by Julian Rowlands with a live backing band, as well as play-along versions of all tracks.


Demanding Piano Pieces

Sonata No. 11 Sonata No. 11
19,50 €

Kapustin: Sonata No. 11

– For Piano –

Virtuoso jazz in classical form: Nikolai Kapustin (b. 1937) is an excellent jazz pianist, arranger and composer. His piano sonatas are now published by Schott Music for the first time. The present sonata was written in the 1990s and is a technically demanding piece. Suitable for pianists looking for works between modern and jazz music which sound like highly skilled, yet notated improvisation.


Popular Pieces for Cello

Amazing Solos Trumpet or Cornet Amazing Solos Trumpet or Cornet
23,50 €

Schott Cello Library

Score and part for cello and piano

The anthology contains 13 easy to moderately difficult original pieces which are suitable for lessons as well as concerts. Apart from the popular Baroque sonatas, such as by Vivaldi or de Fesch, there are lesser known charming compositions, e.g. by Lanzetti or Zocarini. Sonatas by J. Chr. Fr. Bach and Stephen Paxton as well as by Beethoven represent the classical period. From the Romantic period, there are Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words Op. 109, Fauré’s Sicilienne Op. 79, and two little pieces by Goltermann.



At Second Glance

Disguises Disguises
18,00 €

Lord: Disguises

– Suite for string orchestra

In Disguises Jon Lord, the famous keyboarder of the cult band ‘Deep Purple’, portrays three people whom he chose for their similarities as well as their contrasts: In the opening movement, he chose the composer Sir Malcolm Arnold to whom he dedicated the whole piece in gratitude for many musical inspirations. The little theme of the second movement (Music for Miriam) comes from the composer’s mother. The last movement refers to an old friend whose joviality disguises a certain wistfulness.



Baroque Guitar Sounds

Baroque Guitar Anthology Baroque Guitar Anthology
18,50 €

Baroque Guitar Anthology

– 12 pieces for guitar and lute

The volume contains 16 original works by composers of the 17th and 18th centuries, transcribed for guitar by co-author Stuart Willis, including pieces by Bach, Weiss, Kellner, and Corbetta. With its carefully selected works, this edition is ideal for any players interested in gaining an insight into the richness and variety of the Baroque guitar and lute repertoire.

The edition comes with a CD containing all pieces. Suitable for students of ca. 8-9 years of playing experience.



Let’s Jazz!

Play Jazz Flute - now! Play Jazz Flute - now!
25,00 €

Wagner: Play Jazz Flute – now!

– Textbook with CD –

Playfully experiencing something new or trying your first improvisations: The jazz method of Stephanie Wagner brings a fresher feel to flute playing. Using little theory, yet many practical examples, this volume explains bossa nova, blues & co, playing in a band, effects and the tricks of the most famous flutists in jazz and contains performance pieces for two flutists in every style. All pieces have been recorded on the accompanying play-along CD.



Einstieg in ein faszinierendes Gitarrenrepertoire

Tárrega for Guitar Tárrega for Guitar
17,50 €

Tárrega: Tárrega for Guitar

– 40 Originalwerke –

Tárregas Stücke zählen bis heute zu den meistgespielten des Gitarrenrepertoires. Die vorliegende Sammlung bietet einen Einstieg in Tárregas Œuvre und beinhaltet die leichtesten seiner Kompositionen. Angefangen von kleinen Etüden und Präludien bis hin zu seinen kleineren Vortrags- und Konzertstücken. Ergänzt wird die Sammlung durch vereinfachte Arrangements und Auszüge seiner bekanntesten Werke sowie eine Auswahl von didaktischen Übungsstücken.



Klarinette lernen leicht gemacht!

Sorry, this product does not exist.

Mauz: Die fröhliche Klarinette, Band 3

– Lehrbuch –

Diese überarbeitete Klarinettenschule (Deutsches System und Böhm-System) richtet sich an Anfänger und ist für den Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht geeignet. Parallel dazu ergänzen Spielbücher für Klarinette(n) und Klavier das Unterrichts-angebot. Die Ausgabe beinhaltet eine kindgerechte Steigerung des Schwierigkeitsgrades, ausgewogenes Verhältnis von Übungen und viele Melodien und Duos. Zusätzlich gibt es Tipps zum Improvisieren und Komponieren mit bunten Fotos und tollen Illustrationen.



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