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“Next Year in Jerusalem!”



Leshana Haba’a BiYerushalayim


“Next Year in Jerusalem!”


Shawn Kirchner


• Hebrew Folk Song

• arranged for two soloists and SSA choir

• for intermediate to advanced choirs


This folk song arrangement expresses the Jewish diaspora’s community’s hope for reunion “next year in Jerusalem.” It is comprised of two distinct sections: a newly-composed, sorrowful theme, expressive of unrequited longing, and the traditional folk song itself, lively with excitement and hope.


This piece was commissioned by the 2011 ACDA Women’s Choir R & S Commissioning Consortium, Iris S. Levine, National Choir and is arranged for two soloists and a soprano and alto voice choir.



That Summer: A Fantasia on Family


Andrea Clearfield


• commissioned by the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus

• for two tenor voices, and two bass voices

• for advanced choirs


Commissioned by the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, this pieces explores the notion of family in an LGBT context.


The text is taken from live interviews, and explores the creation of families that have not previously been accepted legally or by society more broadly. It takes as its thesis the idea that love is the only thing that can establish a family and that love is what binds us all.


The piece is for two tenor voices, two bass voices, piano and percussion. It is suitable for advanced singers/players and lasts approximately 16 minutes.


New Release from Nikolai Kapustin




Sonata No. 12


op. 102

Nikolai Kapustin


• technically very demanding

• composed in 2001

• jazz infused modern style


Classical virtuoso jazz: Nikolai Kapustin (born 1937) is an excellent jazz pianist, arranger and composer. His piano sonatas are released for the first time by Schott Music.

The 12th Sonata from 2001 is technically very demanding. The two-movement work has already been recorded on CD by the composer himself and Carlo Levi Minzi. This is ideal for pianists who are looking for works between modern and jazz that sound like highly skilled but well-composed improvisation.


NEW: Facsimile of the Draft Score for Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (Bartok)



Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion


Facsimile of the Draft Score and Paul Sacher’s Annotated Full Score Copy


Béla Bartók



• contains the draft score

• contains introductory essays

• includes CD with recordings of Bartok and the full piece



Béla Bartók’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, composed in summer 1937 on a commission from Paul Sacher and premièred in Basel in January 1938, is incontestably one of the supreme creations of modern music.

This publication, with introductory essays by Felix Meyer, Robert W. Wason, Lászlo Vikárius, and Wolfgang Rathert, presents two major handwritten sources for this work from the holdings of the Paul Sacher Foundation: the draft score, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the sonata’s genesis, and a “whiteprint” of the fair copy, which contains additions from Bartók and differs substantially from the definitive version at the end of the development section in movement 1.

The volume also contains, on an enclosed CD, the radio recording of 1940, with Bartók and his wife Ditta Pásztory on the piano parts, as well as a new recording of the sonata in its “original” form, played by the Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo with percussionists Matthias Würsch and Christian Dierstein. In writing and sound, the volume leads readers to a closer acquaintance with Bartók’s masterpiece and invites them to deepen their understanding of his compositional method, his revisions of the musical text, and his pianistic artistry.


New Original Pieces by Melanie Spanswick



No Words Necessary

12 Pieces for Intermediate Level

Melanie Spanswick


• easy to intermediate

• original piano pieces

• suitable for lessons and concerts


A collection of 12 original piano pieces of intermediate difficulty that are easy to learn and great fun to play.

This selection includes beautiful melodies and inspiring harmonies which will paint vivid pictures in the players mind.

Suitable for both young and adult pianists and perfect for lessons and concerts!

Next Book in Hans Guenter Heumann Series Released




Piano Playground 2

25 Playful Piano Pieces for Lessons and Concerts

Hans-Günter Heumann



• Easy pop pieces for piano

• Great motivation for children

• Playable from the 1st and 2nd year of learning


Had enough of “Für Elise”? Want something more fun to motivate your pupils?

In Piano Playground successful author Hans-Günter Heumann brings together new original piano pieces that can be learned quickly and cover a wide stylistic range to motivate and inspire children while having fun!

Pieces like The Pirate Ship, Rock Rocket or Hello, Mr. Mozart stimulate the imagination and motivate kids to discover the new repertoire. The book is an ideal complement to any piano lesson.

Fun guaranteed!

While Volume 1 (ED 22980) contains very easy pieces, some of which can be learned quickly in the first year of lessons, Volume 2 gets a little harder. But it’s still easy enough that children do not lose their motivation and gain a real sense of achievement early on in their learning


New Guitar Works by Thomas Fellow



Fingerfood light

10 crossover appetizers for solo guitar

Thomas Fellow


• for classical or steel-string guitar

• for intermediate players

• contains standard notation and tablature


Thomas Fellow, author of the successful standard work Fellow Guitar Book and world-leading guitarist (European Guitar Quartet, Friend ‘n Fellow, Hands on Strings), adds another original twist to his Guitar Music Collection.

This book of 10 crossover appetisers now addresses interested students as well as ambitious advanced players. The pieces are at an intermediate level and benefit from the additional tablature notation which opens up this repertoire to those who cannot read standard music notation.

FINGERFOOD LIGHT includes percussive catchy tunes as well as sonorous ballads, and also contains pieces inspired by Piazzolla and movie soundtracks.

Many of the 10 pieces in this book are suitable for classical guitar as well as steel string guitar.


New Book in series by Miloš Karadaglić



Play Guitar with Miloš

Level 2

Miloš Karadaglić, Carl Herring


• second level in the series

• for guitarists of all ages

• filled with helpful tips and exercises


Learn the secrets of the world’s most popular classical guitarist, and join Miloš on his classical guitar journey!


Filled with Miloš’s personal stories, photos and the classical guitar pieces that he has loved and played over the years. From the very first guitar pieces that excited Milos as young boy of 8 in Montenegro to the repertoire he has performed and played in his concerts and on his albums worldwide.


Following on from Level 1, Level 2 helps build knowledge of chords, handshapes, and right-hand techniques, as demonstrated by Miloš himself.


Let his passion for the classical guitar take you on the Miloš journey!


New Piece by Nikolai Kapustin





op. 75

Nikolai Kapustin


• Considered the most difficult of Kapustin’s works

• sounds like improvisation despite being notated

• modern composition


The Humoresque Op. 75 – composed in 1994 – is considered one of the most difficult pieces by Kapustin. Presented in the standard jazz form, the variations sound like improvisations despite being notated, and were influenced by McCoy Tyner’s style.


Nikolai Kapustin’s music can be described as virtuosic jazz artfully combined with classical music forms. He was born in Eastern Ukraine in 1937 and trained as a pianist in Moscow. As a composer, he is seen as an innovator and was one of the pioneers of the Soviet jazz scene. His extensive output has been published by Schott Music since 2013 and offers exciting works for pianists and musicians who are interested in demanding jazz music.

New Book by Tim Richards



Jazz, Latin and Modern Collection


15 Pieces For Solo Piano

Tim Richards


• includes arrangements of Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington & Charlie Parker songs

• includes fully notated improvisations

• has notes on interpretation, technique, theory and performance


From the bestselling author of Improvising Blues Piano, Exploring Jazz Piano 1 & 2 and Exploring Latin Piano comes a collection of new Jazz, Latin and contemporary repertoire for solo piano.

This collection is aimed at pianists looking to explore these styles in more depth, or those looking to expand their musical horizons – an ideal accompaniment to other Tim Richards publications.

It includes original pieces by Tim Richards, as well as new arrangements of standards by three of the most iconic composers in jazz: Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. It has notes on interpretation, technique, theory and performance and recordings of all pieces played by Tim. Most pieces include fully notated improvisations, however chord symbols are provided to encourage you to play your own solos too.

Easy pieces at the beginning of the book give way to more challenging ones later on, suitable for intermediate to advanced players.