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Bartók for Guitar

Stylish arrangements of selected highlights

Bela Bartók


• Part of the Bartók Edition series

• Arranged for guitar

• For intermediate to advanced players


• Contains accompanying audio CD


Bartók for Guitar features selected highlights from Bartók’s most popular pedagogical repertoire including For Children, Mikrokosmos and others, arranged for Guitar (solo and duet) by Michael McCartney.


This book is part of the Boosey & Hawkes Bartók Edition series, showcasing stylish arrangements of highlights from the leading twentieth century composer for developing musicians to learn and enjoy.

New Arrangement by Lang Lang, Eliza Aria



Eliza Aria


From Wild Swans Suite


Elena Kats-Chernin


• Arranged for piano by Lang Lang

• Taken from Kats-Chernin’s ballet Wild Swans

• For intermediate players


This edition of Eliza Aria, a song from Elena Kats-Chernin’s 2002 ballet Wild Swans, contains a new piano arrangement as played by Lang Lang on his recent solo album, Piano Book.


Lang Lang, having personally arranged the piece
for piano, imbues the score with his own unique
approach to dynamics and ornamentation, allowing
this piano-miniature to stand strong as a work for
solo pianists.

New Kapustin Anthology



Piano Works


Nikolai Kapustin


• Contains some of Kapustin’s most popular piano works

• Jazz in a classical form

• Advanced to difficult pieces


This anthology contains some of Kapustin’s most popular
piano works: Sunrise (Daybreak) op. 26 – Suite in the Old
Style op. 28 – Toccatina op. 36 – Variations op. 41 – Motive
Force op. 45 – Big Band Sounds op. 46 – Contemplation op.


Nikolai Kapustin, born in 1937, is considered a pioneer of
the Soviet jazz scene. His music combines typical jazz idioms
with classical forms.

Third book in Easy Concert Pieces series for Clarinet Released



Easy Concert Pieces


For Clarinet and Piano


Rudolf Mauz


• Part of the Easy Concert Pieces Series

• Contains scores for the clarinettist and piano accompanist

• For intermediate players


The last book in the clarinet’s Easy Concert Pieces series. Contains pieces for intermediate players from a broad range of eras, Baroque to Modern. Recordings and backing tracks for all the pieces are included on the accompanying CD.

This volume is part of the series Easy Concert Pieces which offers a rich treasure trove of easy-to-play musical literature for lessons, concerts and leisure time. There are three books per instrument in the Easy Concert Pieces series, ascending in difficulty from very easy to intermediate.


Fifth Volume Released for Singing Sherlock Series



Singing Sherlock Volume 5


The complete singing resource for primary schools


Shirley Court, Val Whitlock


• specially designed for primary school teachers

• new addition to the well-loved series

• Edition with two CDs


Singing Sherlock is the acclaimed, practical and easy-to-use resource for classroom teachers, specialist music teachers, and children’s choir directors.

Each volume is packed full of enjoyable songs and fun vocal activities designed to equip and enable children to sing to their full potential, and is presented in clear, progressive steps, with invaluable teaching notes suitable for teachers of all musical abilities.

Demonstration and backing audio tracks are provided for teaching and performance.

Written by highly experience and successful singing teachers, Singing Sherlock provides tried and tested resources to bring your singing sessions to life.

Play it Again – the piano series for returning players



Play it again: Piano Book 3


The perfect way to rediscover the piano


Melanie Spanswick


• third book in the series

• aimed at returning players

• for advanced players


Book 3 from the Play it Again: Piano series completes the course for those returning to the piano, and continues on their journey from books 1 and 2.


Each of the pieces in the book is accompanied by full pages of easy-to-understand practice tips. The standard progresses from around UK grades 8 to diploma standard (advanced).


Aimed at ‘returning’ players who have spent some time away from the keyboard, Play it again: Piano gives you the confidence to revisit this fulfilling pastime and go beyond what you previously thought you could achieve. Each of the pieces in this three-book course is accompanied by at least two full pages of easy-to-understand practice tips, all designed to get your fingers speeding comfortably across the keys once again! There are more comprehensive Piano Technique and Theory sections at the front and back of each book, so you can also delve deeper to regain a fuller understanding of music and technique.

Karl Jenkins classics reimagined for piano



Karl Jenkins: Piano


Music from The Armed Man, Adiemus and more


Karl Jenkins


• intimate and spiritually uplifting classics reimagined for the piano

• contains a mix of well-known pieces and new pieces written especially for the piano

• of intermediate difficulty


Karl Jenkins: Piano contains your favourite Karl Jenkins pieces reimagined for piano. The intimate and spiritually uplifting classics include Adiemus, Cantilena, Benedictus, Palladio, Ave verum, And the Mother did Weep and In paradisum.


The album also contains original piano solos, which were specially composed for the album, such as Quirky Blue, Canción plateada, and White Water.


Experience the mystery, pathos and enchantment of these iconic sounds.





New Release in the Schott Student Edition series



Pieces for Beginners


Daniel Gottlob Türk


• very easy pieces

• part of the Schott Student Edition series

• pieces ordered in terms of difficulty


After composing his piano method, the piano teacher Daniel Gottlieb Türk, a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart, composed a large collection of little “Handstücke”, or instructive pieces, for beginners. This volume contains the easiest of these pieces, ordered so that they constitute a little course which gradually introduces all keys of up to three accidentals, increasing independence of the hands, different ways of playing and various rhythms.

This edition is part of the new Schott Student Edition series which offers varied literature at five different levels of difficulty, from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult), for instrumental lessons.

New Release for Flute from Kapustin





op. 125

Nikolai Kapustin


• for advanced players

• contemporary composition

• jazz music in a classical style


Nikolai Kapustin, born in 1937, is regarded as pioneer of the Soviet jazz scene. In his music he combines typical jazz idioms with classical forms

The Sonata Op. 125 for flute and piano was written in 2004 at the request of Immanuel Davis, flute professor at the University of Minnesota. This is a difficult piece, about 20 minutes in length.


Fantazias for 4 Guitars




from the “Fantazias and In Nomines” for Strings

Henry Purcell


• Arrangement for 4 Guitars

• for intermediate to advanced players

• based on the original manuscript score

• includes score and parts


Fantasias were the height of musical sophistication in England in 1600s. Henry Purcell originally composed the two fantasias Z. 713 and Z. 743 for strings. Characterized by surprising modulations, their harmony shows them to be ahead of their time. The present arrangement for 4 guitars is based on the autograph manuscript of the composer. It is ideal for performances at upper music-school classes and young musician competitions.