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Schott Music

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A Turkish Concerto for Trumpet

June 28th, 2017

Trumpet Concerto

Fazil Say

• A concerto in 3 movements
• Inspired by the composer’s Turkish origins
• Distinctive changing metre creates an exciting performance piece
• Parts for both C and Bb trumpet included

Commissioned by the Festival of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Fazıl Say wrote his Trumpet Concerto for Gábor Boldoczki.
Written in the classical three-movement concerto form, the work refers directly to Fazıl Say’s Turkish roots, be it in theEastern-inspired melody and harmony, by characteristic metrical shifts or by the distinctive use of the instruments from the rhythm section of the small orchestra.
The piano reduction written by Fazıl Say himself goes far beyond a study aid and is also intended for concert performances.

Kummer’s 92 Progressive Exercises Now in Two Complete Volumes

92 Progressive Exercises – Volumes 1 & 2

Friedrich August Kummer
Edited by Martin Müller-Runte

• Renowned cello exercises now in two 2 complete volumes
• Cello accompaniment
• Ideal for students at all levels

The studies by Friedrich August Kummer are perfect for music lessons, particularly because of their accompaniment of a second violoncello. They cleverly introduce the circle of fifths and offer exercises at all levels of difficulty.

Volume 1 (ED 22371) is intended for beginner and intermediate lessons. Volume 2 (ED 22372) focusses on the musical performance of the advanced pupil.

The studies originally come from the appendix to Kummer’s Celloschule für den ersten Unterricht Op. 60. In this new edition, they are for the first time published completely in two volumes as 92 progressive studies. The present edition is based on the first edition published in 1839 (Verlag Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig) and has essentially adopted the original fingerings and bowing indications. For better readability, the number of fingerings has been slightly reduced.

Preludio – First book in the Guitarissimo series is here

May 22nd, 2017


130 Easy Concert Pieces from 6 Centuries

Edited by Martin hegel

• 130 easy original works
• From the renaissance to the present day
• Treasure trove for teachers and lovers of guitar music

The first in the Guitarissimo series: Preludio contains 130 easy attractive performance pieces for beginners’ guitar lessons in one comprehensive volume.

The selected pieces range from Renaissance to pop music and can be played in the second to fourth year of guitar lessons.

The repertoire is ideal for first performances, competitions and examinations, or just for pure enjoyment by teachers, pupils, students, and guitar lovers alike.

The perfect way to rediscover the piano

April 13th, 2017

Play it again: Piano
The perfect way to rediscover the piano

Melanie Spanswick


• For ‘returning’ players

• Using works from the Jazz, Ragtime, contemporary, and traditional repertoire to refresh techniques

• Play fluently once again


The first of two books, Play it again: Piano will reunite you with the keyboard using pieces from the Jazz, Ragtime, contemporary and traditional piano repertoire to teach specific techniques and tips, to get you playing fluently once again.

Each of the 28 pieces in Book 1 is accompanied by two full pages of easy-to-understand practice tips, all designed to get your fingers speeding comfortably across the keys once again!

The level of pieces in this first book progresses from around UK grades 1 to 4 (elementary to intermediate).

Book 2 to coming soon!

Original performance pieces for cello and piano

March 29th, 2017
Appassionato Appassionato
22,00 €

Mohrs/Preußer: Appassionato – 25 Original Concert Pieces

– Sheet music –


Volume 2 of the Cellissimo series contains 25 popular original pieces for cello and piano from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras and is a real treasure trove for advanced pupils, students, teachers, and cello lovers.
The cello repertoire comprises many major standard works for lessons, concerts and competitions like Jugend musiziert. Apart from classics by Vivaldi, Bréval, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Faurè, and Saint-Saëns, this volume also contains some lesser known works, e.g. by August Nölck (1862–1928) and Georg Goltermann (1824–1898).

The pieces are of medium technical difficulty which corresponds to grade 3-4 of Jugend musiziert or grade 5-8 of the international examination system.

Some of the pieces come with a basso part (violoncello 2) which is available for download free of charge.

New titles for the Schott Student Edition series

March 27th, 2017

Fiocco: Allegro G major | German: Andante & Tarantella | Kronke: Humming Birds | Popp: 2 Salon Pieces

– Sheet music – 

Providing varied and motivating performance pieces for modern music lessons – that’s the aim of the Schott Student Edition series.
Discover the new editions for violin, clarinet and flute (with piano accompaniment) – fresh from the press!

Romantic viola pieces in modern arrangements

March 24th, 2017
Pièces de Concours Pièces de Concours
26,00 €

Puchhammer-Sédillot: Pièces de Concours – from the Paris Conservatoire repertoire, Vol. 3

– Score and parts – 

A real treasure trove in the scarce Romantic viola repertoire: The three-volume edition contains original works which were used as compulsory pieces in final examinations of the viola class at the Conservatoire de Paris between 1897 and 1969.

The editor rediscovered these almost forgotten ‘Pièces de concours’ and compiled them in three volumes. In the present edition, ‘modern’ fingerings and bowing indications have been added to the pieces in order to make it easier to access these works and facilitate sight-playing.

Relaxing pieces for violin

March 22nd, 2017
Coffee & Violin Coffee & Violin
18,50 €

Johow: Coffee & Violin – 18 Coffee Time Pieces in Popular Style

– Edition with CD – 

Just close your eyes and relax! These pieces are pleasant to the audience and relaxing like a cup of coffee. And these charming character pieces are also fun to play for the musician. With the enclosed CD and the piano accompaniment, the pieces are suitable for lessons, concerts or just music-making at home. Chord symbols make it possible to play the pieces with guitar or accordion accompaniment, etc.

New performance literature for flute and piano – laureates of the Harald Genzmer Composition Competition

March 20th, 2017

Gkougkousoudis: Paradromes III / Kolb: Trois pièces pittoresques/ Shang: Yin

– Performance scores –

The new publications of Schott Music for flute and piano include the works of three laureates of the Harald Genzmer Composition Competition 2016. They are ideal for performances at concerts and competitions like Jugend musiziert.

The young Greek composer Theodoros Gkougkousoudis was awarded the third prize for Paradromes III in which he uses modern playing techniques in the flute part as well as in the piano part.

Trois pièces pittoresques by the pianist Oliver Kolb from Darmstadt is written entirely in French timbres. Its main features are the ease and joy of playing for the performers.

Peilei Shang won the first prize with her composition Yin: Reminiscent of traditional Chinese music, Yin creates an individual and expressive atmosphere by means of sound effects embedded unobtrusively in the overall context. Special techniques are used in the flute and piano parts to produce the sound of the Chinese traditional instruments xiao, a kind of bamboo flute, and qin, a plucked instrument.


Melodies that are fun to play

March 17th, 2017
The Entertainer The Entertainer
17,50 €

Heumann: The Entertainer – 100 Entertaining Piano Pieces from Classical Music to Pop

– Sheet music – 

100 entertaining piano pieces which are easy and fun to play!

This new anthology by Hans-Günter Heumann contains both popular melodies from musicals and films, such as Amélie and Titanic, and great hits by Sinatra and Ellington. The collection also features many audience favourites from the world of classical music which easily have the same effect like The Entertainer: Mozart’s Turkish March, Wagner’s famous Bridal Chorus, Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5, and many more.