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Carl Orff 125

Carl Orff was one of the major tonal composers and pedagogues of the 20th century. Out of a holistic awareness of sound, Orff worked on a comprehensive form of teaching which, as “Schulwerk”, has remained a foundation of music instruction to this day. This also included the development of the percussive Orff instruments. As a composer, Carl Orff achieved his breakthrough in 1934/37 with “Carmina Burana”, a setting of medieval goliardic poems from the monastery library. Behind almost all of his stage works, laments, but also behind his instrumental works, was the idea of the unity of music, movement and language which he extended to forms of improvisation”. On July 10, 2020, he would have been 125 years old.

Released by WERGO:
Bairisches Welttheater (WER 30074)
Carmina Burana – The Piano Version (WER 62172)
Lieder und Gesänge (WER 62792)
Carmina Burana (WER 66022)
Astutuli – Eine bairische Komödie (DVD, MV 8525)
Die Bernauerin – Ein bairisches Stück (DVD, MV 8535)
Oedipus der Tyrann – Ein Trauerspiel des Sophokles (DVD, MV 8545)
Antigonae – Ein Trauerspiel des Sophokles (DVD, MV 8555)
Gisei – Das Opfer (DVD, MV 8565)