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The M.P. Belaieff Foundation and publishing house firmly oppose the tragic war that is unfolding in Ukraine.

Ever since its creation, in 1884, by supporting Russian classical music the Foundation sought to defend universal values through art. These values are those of freedom against oppression, of cultural openness against jingoism, of spirituality against obscurantism – of human dignity against barbarism. Today, the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, instigated by Kremlin, puts these values in grave danger.

Under such tragic circumstances, the M.P. Belaieff Foundation and publishing house assert their solidarity with the populations that suffer from this invasion and the atrocities it entails. We also stand together with all the artists, and especially the Russian musicians, who raise their voice against the war.

While we are writing these lines, Valentin Silvestrov, one of the main M.P. Belaieff composers, has attempted to leave, together with his family, the besiege of Kyiv. Let his music sound across the world as a hymn of resistance.

M.P. Belaieff curators
Serge Tcherepnin | Andrey Boreyko | Victor Kissine

Russian Masterpieces from Belaieff – Sheet Music and More

Welcome to the Webshop of M.P. Belaieff!
Please choose from our wide range of available sheet music from Belaieff: performance editions, music editions for various instrumentations, piano reductions and many more.
The repertoire of M.P. Belaieff includes sales works as well as hire works.
It ranges from Russian classics such as Alexander Borodin, Alexander Glasunow, Michael Glinka, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov oder Alexander Scriabin via important works from the Soviet era such as those by Alexander and Ivan Tcherepnin, Arvo Paert and Valentin Silvestrov.

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Three Poems Composer:Mouravieff, Léon
12,00 €
Inventions Composer:Tscherepnin
8,50 €
Twelve Preludes Composer:Tcherepnine, Alexandre
12,00 €
Strophe, Antistrophe and Epode Composer:Mouravieff, Léon
13,50 €
Five Piano Pieces Composer:Filonenko, Alexandra
12,50 €
Consolation Composer:Raskatov, Alexander
17,50 €
Caprice Composer:Kissine, Victor
21,00 €
Mini Partita Composer:Shoot, Vladislav
18,00 €
Mini Partita Composer:Shoot, Vladislav
18,00 €
Musical Offering Composer:Wustin, Alexander
28,50 €
1 bis 12 von 564