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Gerhard Stäbler 70

Stäblers music often transcends the conventional framework. it is very important to him to stimulate the imagination, to sensitize the ears and other perceptory organs towards unexpected perceptoral and thought processes.

On July 20th he will celebrate his 70th birthday.

Released by WERGO:
Karas.Krähen / Palast des Schweigens / Gagaku (WER 20562)
Desires / Kybele / X für Verschlüsse / Roses / Spices 3 (WER 67152)
Heiss! Organ works (WER 73152)

Now available: Poland abroad on eda

The string quartet genre has already once before been in the spotlight in the “Poland Abroad” series. With works by Joachim Mendelson, Roman Padlewski, and Simon Laks, the focus was on the fate of three Polish composers who became victims of the National Socialists’ policy of persecution and annihilation because their life circumstances did not provide a lifeline for flight and exile.


Erwin Schulhoff 125

Erwin Schulhoff is one of the most famous composers of the Weimar Republic. His music sounded excitingly new, conventions were not his concerns. He rather was inspired by the most current and radical art trends, by expressionism and Dada.

On June 8th Schulhoff would have turned 125.

Released by WERGO:
Hot Music / Suite dansante en jazz / Partita / Cinq études de jazz / Fünf Pittoresken (WER 62812)


Ernst von Siemens Music Price 2019 for Rebecca Saunders

This year’s international Ernst von Siemens Music Prize goes to British composer Rebecca Saunders. According to the reasoning of the jury, the 51-year-old has refined her own tonal language in an unprecedented way and her work leaves visible and significant marks in the music history of today.

The Ernst von Siemens Prize is considered one of the most important awards in the field of music. The prize, which has been awarded annually since 1973, honors composers, performers or musicologists who have made a distinguished contribution to the world of music and is endowed with 250,000 euros.

The “Nobel Prize of Music” will be awarded on 7th June in the Cuvilliés Theatre in Munich.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations.

Released by WERGO:
* Neither Duo (CD: Angels, WER 67812)
* A Visible Trace (CD: Edition Musikfabrik: Sichtbare Spuren, WER 68522)
* Cinnabar (CD: Edition Musikfabrik: Krönung, WER 68552)
* Stirrings Still (WER 66942)


Harald Weiss 70

Jazz and Rock music are an important source of inspiration for Harald Weiss’s compositions. Also, his numerous trips to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have a significant influence on his music. In his works Weiss tries out alternative musical forms and sounds, which do not need electronic devices. These experiments with the possibilities of natural sound production made him develop exceptional techniques for vocals and percussion.

On 26th May he celebrates his 70th birthday.

Released by WERGO:
* Das Gespenst – The Ghost. Musical theater for children and adults in two parts including a pause (ALC 52012)
* Archmusic.coe – The Ark. A piece with prologue but without finale (SM 1060-50)
* Wintergesänge. A song cycle without words (SM 1066-50)
* Ade. A piece on parting (SM 1077-50)
* My Wooden Dancing Shoes for percussion instruments, voices and original soundtrack (SM 10862)
* Reise in die Nacht. An acoustical film (SM 10892)
* Das andere Paradies. An acoustical film (SM 18112)
* The Rest is Silence. A portrait (WER 62012)
* Stille Mauern for string quartet and tape (WER 66852)


Heinz Holliger 80

On 21 May, Heinz Holliger turns 80! The anti-convention Swiss artist has become known throughout the world as a star oboist of music from all epochs and as a radical composer of conceptual musical works. In recent decades, he has regularly conducted orchestras and, as a composer, has developed a musical language which – in a still uncompromising manner – finds a wide audience as it knows how to build tonally convincing bridges between the traditional understanding of music and current modern music.

Heinz Holliger at WERGO:
Choral Utopia (WER 73332)
Frank Michael Beyer: Trio for oboe, viola and harp (CD: WER 66212)


German Record Critic’s Award

The WERGO-CD “Emmanuel Nunes: Minnesang | Musivus” has been awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics’ Award.

Category Contemporary Music:
Emmanuel Nunes: Minnesang | Musivus
WER 73782

“Don’t expect anything simpler from me!” – Emmanuel Nunes (1941-2012) was an artist of almost intimidating ability and self-confident stubbornness – much like his teachers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez.
Apart from early works and large musical drama projects, his output consists primarily of two large-scale cycles. The first contains nine works, including Minnesang (1975–76) for twelve vocal soloists: a mystical and spiritual work that translates the medieval art of “Minnesang” into modern terms and whose musical effects are founded on the intelligibility of the texts.

Minnesang for twelve vocal soloists a cappella (text: Jakob Böhme) (1975)
Musivus for orchestra in four groups (1998, rev. 2001)

SWR Vokalensemble / Marcus Creed: chorus master / WDR Sinfonieorchester / Emilio Pomàrico: conductor

Statement of the jury